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Dr. Ricotta quickly discovered that I had a blood clot in my leg and offered a new technology, the Tack Endovascular System implant which he used to repair a tear in the inside lining of one of my leg’s blood vessels. Using this minimal repair device, Dr. Ricotta was able to provide treatment in-turn healing my leg ailment.


Thanks to Dr. Ricotta and his help fixing my leg pain problem I am able to get my life together and do things naturally again.


I found vascular surgeon, Dr. Joseph Ricotta, who is an innovator in the treatment of carotid disease and is the first in Florida to perform the TCAR (transcarotid artery revascularization) procedure for treatment of this ailment.

During follow-up at Dr. Ricotta’s Prime Vascular Institute office in Delray Beach, the staff was very courteous, helped us with convenient appointment times, and were very friendly, willing to help with anything I needed..


Walking through the airport, I began to suffer terrible pain. I grabbed my chest gasping for breath, could not breathe and thought for sure it was a heart attack. At Delray Medical Center, Dr. Joseph Ricotta was able to dissolve the clots causing a life-threatening pulmonary embolism and provide care to me for a deep vein thrombosis condition.

I am very grateful to Dr. Ricotta. He saved my life.


As soon as I met with Dr. Ricotta I had total confidence in his plan for my care.

The TCAR operation Dr. Ricotta performed was very quick; he was able to perform it in around 30-minutes.

I did have this procedure during the COVID-19 Pandemic but Dr. Ricotta and his Tenet Florida Cardiovascular Care office staff informed me of all the safety protocols in place as safeguards against the virus in both the Delray Beach office and the hospital.

My wife Sue, my son and I are really appreciative of Dr. Ricotta’s care and grateful to have a vascular surgeon of Dr. Ricotta’s expertise and experience right here in our community.


With Dr. Ricotta you are not left in the dark and know exactly where you stand. He is very responsive and considerate. Even when I had questions after I left his office, he called me back to provide the answers I needed.

I was in and out of the hospital in a couple of days, which greatly contributed to my peace of mind. After Dr. Ricotta cleaned out my artery, my circulation was restored.

Pre-surgery and follow up appointments at Dr. Ricotta’s office in Delray Beach were nothing short of excellent.


My girlfriend knew I was struggling, she called me and said, I found a doctor and I sent you the link. I looked over the link for Dr. Joseph Ricotta and checked him out. I was so glad to go see the big guy (Dr. Ricotta). I researched a couple of other doctors but I saw Dr. Ricotta’s background and experience that meant a lot to me. He’s saving people’s lives. He told me I made it just in time. A cut or injury to my left leg and it wouldn’t heal.

All I felt was a little bit of pressure and that was (Dr. Ricotta) putting three stents into my clogged femoral artery. After the surgery, Dr. Ricotta told me that I had a 100 percent blockage and I was about to lose my left leg. The next time I saw Dr. Ricotta was after being discharged from the hospital. I went to his office and his staff did an ultrasound and all my numbers were great.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Ricotta. Dr. Ricotta literally gave me my life back.


Back in 1964, I spent more than a month at Sister’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY. I was pregnant and hemorrhaging when Dr. Joseph John Ricotta saved my life. Fast-forward 54 years later and his grandson, Dr. Joseph John Ricotta II, treated me in Delray Beach, FL for peripheral arterial disease which causes blockages in the arteries of the legs.

After an initial visit used to discover the extent of artery blockages, at Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach, Dr. Ricotta put two stents in the left leg and one stent in the right leg to open up the blocked artery. My condition improved after the treatment.

Dr. Joseph Ricotta’s attitude reminded me of his grandfather’s. The first time I saw him, I said if you’re half of good as your grandfather, I’m going to have a friend. He is fantastic. I’m really very happy with him. I love being with him, his office staff is really great. They know me when I come in now.


Dr. Ricotta put me at ease. He is very knowledgeable and explained his treatment plan before he started. The team in the room seemed very confident; they were calm like they had done this before. The procedure was painless. I just couldn’t move while Dr. Ricotta was treating my pulmonary embolism. I am fortunate to be alive.

On Tuesday, I was admitted to the hospital, Wednesday morning Dr. Ricotta treated my pulmonary embolism, in turn, saving my life and by Saturday I was sitting at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. The next Saturday I got married!


Dr. Ricotta is an amazing vascular surgeon who put me on a path towards better health.

I think Dr. Ricotta is a wonderful doctor. Before the surgery he explained everything to me. Dr. Ricotta is caring and a really nice guy. He seemed to handle my leg blockage and aneurysm surgery with ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend him to others.


Dr. Ricotta put me at ease. He is very knowledgeable and explained his treatment plan before he started. The team in the room seemed very confident; they were calm like they had done this before. The procedure was painless. I just couldn’t move while Dr. Ricotta was treating my pulmonary embolism. I am fortunate to be alive.

On Tuesday, I was admitted to the hospital, Wednesday morning Dr. Ricotta treated my pulmonary embolism, in turn, saving my life and by Saturday I was sitting at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. The next Saturday I got married!

I was able to get married right on schedule. Dr. Ricotta took very good care of me. He was excellent. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Ricotta was very patient and easy to understand. Today, everything is great and I am blood clot free!


My right foot and ankle infection went all the way down to my bone. It was a nightmare.The orthopaedic surgeon I saw felt there was no way around amputation of the knee and ankle. I was sent to another orthopedic surgeon who said there was no way the leg could be saved. I refused to consent for amputation. The doctor then referred me to Dr. Joseph Ricotta, a vascular surgeon. Dr. Ricotta’s demeanor is calm in his office, and he determined it would be beneficial to undergo a procedure to save my foot, ankle and leg.

This limb salvage procedure was done by Dr. Ricotta, robotically using an intravenous approach to get into the vascular system in my leg.

This was totally a miracle what Dr. Ricotta did to save my leg. Dr. Ricotta and his limb salvage procedure was truly the turning point in saving my life. He had a great outlook during the whole ordeal while other doctors just gave me a grim prognosis.


My husband had the VenaSeal procedure performed by Dr. Ricotta at his office to treat the veins in his legs on Valentine's Day. The best Valentine imaginable! After the procedures Dr. Ricotta performed neither of us needed elastic stockings or our legs wrapped. We are back to a normal, pain free life.

B.C. of New Jersey

After having the VenaSeal procedure, I was back to walking and exercising in no time at all. My wife and I enjoy going to yoga class which I’m glad to say we’ve been able to resume. Shopping and going to the theatre is easy now. Previously, it was uncomfortable for me to sit, and now I have no restrictions. I am even back to playing table tennis.

L.C. of New Jersey

"Dr. Joseph Ricotta of Vascular Institute of Atlanta is an awesome doctor. He found my problems, corrected them, and continues to monitor my progress closely. He has made my life so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Ricotta to anyone having vascular problems of any type. He is the greatest!"


Today, my legs feel lighter and I can walk better. My friends and family are happy for me. I’m able to wear shorts and capris because my legs look much better. I am able to walk my two dogs a few times a day and going to the beach is much easier. Today, my legs feel good and they look good too.

M.W. of Boca Raton, FL

"When I first saw Dr. Joseph Ricotta in his office, although he was very busy with patients, he took the time to speak with me, answering all my questions and reassuring me of our direction going forward. I have seen him a few times since and he still has the wonderful bedside manner he did the first time we met. He addresses all of my concerns, reassuring me that we would resolve any issues. I have seen many other doctors in the past for my complex vascular problems. Now, that I have found Dr. Ricotta, I finally felt hope that my issues would be properly diagnosed and resolved. I am so very glad to have found Dr. Ricotta. Other doctors could take a lesson from him on how to treat their patients."


From the first time I spoke with Vivian ARNP in Dr. Ricotta's practice I knew we were going to be in for the best care for my husbands peripheral vascular problems. She is amazingly caring and professional. Then meeting with Dr Ricotta, his knowledge and experience is unmatched. All I could think was "boy did we get lucky with the insurance providers on this." Dr Ricotta has performed 2 angio's with stent insertions on my husband and we continue with follow up care. Big kudos to all the professionals on the office. Thank you all.


"Thank You for making a 85 year old man feel 45 again. I feel like running a marathon....Dr. Ricotta is the BEST!!!!!!"


Dr. Ricotta took excellent care of my husband. I was very concerned about my husband's health and was able to get an appointment quickly. The staff was professional. Dr. Ricotta clearly explained the situation, the options and greatly alleviated our anxiety. I would recommend him without reservation.


"I travel 600 miles round trip to see Dr. Ricotta. I have seen other specialist but none as thorough, knowledgeable, and takes time with you so you have a full understanding of your condition and what the next step will be. He is a 3rd generation doctor and his reputation is very highly recognized. Dr Ricotta is worth the extra miles. "


I had the first TCAR procedure on the east coast of Florida and was out of the hospital the next day. Dr. Ricotta performed the surgery on a Thursday and the following Monday I was back to work. My wife and son were very happy with Dr. Ricotta and the results of his surgery. Knowing the carotid artery is unclogged has increased my self-confidence. I feel great!


"I had a wonderful visit from the first diagnosis. With the knowledgeable Dr. Joseph Ricotta. The staff knowledgeable and expeditious. The healing process and treatment was excellent. At 75 I have new legs which helps with my posture and wellbeing. Thank you very much Dr. Ricotta!"


"Dr. Ricotta and his staff are truly the most professional organization. My husband had an aneurysm repaired in 2015 and I had the Vena-Seal vein procedure for both legs completed in May 2016. The Vena-Seal procedure was absolutely remarkable - no pain - just slight bruising in one spot on each leg for a just a few days and immediate results. I am an avid tennis player and now I feel like a rock star! There is no other alternative for a Vascular Surgeon than Dr. Ricotta - he is truly the best. A big thanks to the staff as they are always pleasant, organized, and helpful/informative. Thank you for all you have done for both my husband and myself !! "


"I have had a problem with varicose veins in my left leg for many years but noticed that they've been getting worse, so I started to research all the possible treatment options available. I had heard of a new cutting-edge treatment in Europe that didn't involve injections, pain killers, compression bandages, or recovery time. I was so was delighted to learn about Dr. Ricotta who was offering this innovative procedure here in America. I made an appointment with Dr. Ricotta and he discussed with me all my options and answered all my questions openly and honestly so that I felt I had all the information I needed to choose the treatment that was best for me. During the procedure, Dr. Ricotta and his team kept me informed as to what was happening. The whole procedure was pain free and fast and afterwards, I was able to drive a car, walk my dog and generally get on with my life as if nothing had happened! I can highly recommend Dr. Ricotta and all his wonderful and very professional team, and am now looking forward to next summer and wearing shorts for the first time in many years!"


"I have very complex vascular issues and am so blessed to have found Dr. Ricotta. I have been to so many doctors and none of them could figure out my diagnosis. As soon as I saw Dr. Ricotta, he diagnosed me immediately and scheduled me for treatment right away. Now all of my problems are gone and I am fully healed. Dr. Ricotta is an amazing surgeon!"


"Dr. Ricotta performed surgeries on both of my legs. Afterward, I felt so much better and could walk again pain-free. Dr. Ricotta has great compassion for his patients and a wonderful bedside manner. He is truly the best in his field and gives real meaning to 'Top Doc.'"


"I was nervous when I showed up for my surgery, but Dr. Ricotta and his staff put me right at ease. The staff at Vascular Institute of Atlanta is wonderful and Dr. Ricotta has a perfect bedside manner - way above a 10! I just wish I had found him 4 years ago when my symptoms started and other doctors could not make the diagnosis. I recommend Dr. Ricotta to anyone with vascular problems and have referred my family and friends to him."


"Dr. Ricotta saved my husband's life. He had an 8 cm aortic aneurysm that was about to burst. He fixed it with a stent, without surgery, and my husband went home the next day. Dr. Ricotta is an outstanding doctor and surgeon. Without him, my husband would not be with us today. "


"The staff at the Vascular Institute of Atlanta is wonderful. I chose Dr. Ricotta because I wanted the best and I was not disappointed. I received the newest state of the art treatment for varicose veins at the Vein Center. It was a short procedure in the office without incisions or needles. I was back to my normal activities, including exercise, a few hours later. All of my symptoms and my varicose veins are gone. I highly recommend Dr. Ricotta and his team!"


"Dr. Ricotta and his staff made me feel at ease from the moment I walked into his office. Everyone at the Vascular Institute of Atlanta treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. They made me feel valued and important, and not just another part on an assembly line. Dr. Ricotta is empathetic, caring, and extremely talented. I am so lucky to have been referred to him. He is truly a 'Top Doctor.'"


"I have experienced several procedures with Dr. Ricotta and his wonderful staff. I entered the first procedure in a very anxious state. Immediately, Dr. Ricotta put me at ease. The procedure went flawlessly and completely relieved my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Ricotta. He has a brilliant, yet nurturing attention to every detail attitude that turns a scary experience turn into a pleasant one."


"Dr. Ricotta's consideration and sensitivity to my history allowed me to establish a warm and trusted relationship with him. He thoroughly explained his diagnosis and resulting surgery, so that complicated concepts were easily understood. I knew I was in good hands from beginning to end and continue to be impressed with his dedication to the continuity of care. I continue to look forward to my appointments with him and the trusted leadership he provides."


"I was referred to Dr. Ricotta after an exhaustive search for a doctor with the highest integrity and expertise. I found those exact qualities in Dr. Ricotta and was very grateful for his personable approach to my needs. He is committed to a standard of excellence coupled with strong patient relationships. I was so fortunate to have his expertise and compassion guiding me through a very difficult time."


"Our experience with Dr. Ricotta was so wonderful and without him, I don't know where I would be today. He made my wife and I feel so comfortable at all times during and after my very complicated surgery. He is the only doctor in the area that could have repaired my aneurysm. We love our Dr. Ricotta and are so lucky to have found him."



"I was referred to Dr. Ricotta because he was the only doctor in the area who could fix my complex vascular problem with stents instead of surgery. The surgery went smoothly and after a short stay in the hospital I returned home. I never required any pain medication and my recovery was quick. Dr. Ricotta is a brilliant and compassionate doctor."



"We take pride in our ability to deliver excellent patient care and to make sure that all of their needs are met. Our patients always come first."

Dr. Joseph J. Ricotta

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Dr. Joseph J Ricotta MD, MS, FACS Performs First Robotic Peripheral Vascular Procedure in the U.S.

Dr. Joseph J Ricotta MD, MS, FACS Performs First TCAR in South Florida

Dr. Joseph J Ricotta MD, MS, FACS Performs First VenaSeal Procedure in Southeast United States


I had the first TCAR procedure on the east coast of Florida and was out of the hospital the next day. Dr. Ricotta performed the surgery on a Thursday and the following Monday I was back to work. My wife and son were very happy with Dr. Ricotta and the results of his surgery. Knowing the carotid artery is unclogged has increased my self-confidence. I feel great!


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